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 What’s the best way to lose weight? Our knowledgeable team of Personal Trainers in Las Vegas are here to help you answer just that! In fact, we will walk you through our step by step process that will empower you to lose weight and to keep it off! Our personal training in Las Vegas, Weight Loss Package will include:

  • 60-minute Sessions with a Personal Trainer
  • Body Analysis Scanning
  • Nutrition Coaching (Custom Meal Plan Included) 
  • Accountability Program
  • 12-Week Program


weight loss program

weight loss personal trainer


How much weight should I be lifting to gain muscle? Building muscle is a science! It takes a specific type of exercise stimulus, nutrition, and lifestyle to get it right. Luckily, our staff of Personal Trainers in Las Vegas, have a great amount of experience in this area and they would be honored to guide you on this rewarding journey.

Your Muscle Gain Package will include:

  • 60-minute Sessions with a Personal Trainer
  • Progressive Programming
  • Body Analysis Scanning
  • Nutrition Coaching (Including Custom Macro Breakdown) 
  • 12-Week Program


Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? The answer is YES! In fact, there are numerous benefits to staying active during pregnancy. However, there are some exercises that need to be avoided and others that need to be consistently performed, in order to keep your body strong. 

Our Personal Trainers in Las Vegas have years of experience with prenatal and postpartum programming. We would love to guide you during this precious time in your life. Your Prenatal or Postpartum Package will include:

  • 60-minute Sessions with a Prenatal/Postpartum Trainer
  • Pelvic Floor Training
  • Nutrition Coaching (Customized to each Trimester or Breastfeeding Needs)
  • 12-Week Program

postpartum personal training

post pregnancy weight loss program


What makes our personal trainers different?

At Circuit Fitness, we understand that transformations don’t just happen inside the gym. A lot of the hardest work goes after you go home!  That is why we take our coaching program beyond training sessions. Circuit Fitness’s Las Vegas personal trainers are extremely experienced and know how to make programs work for you, your time and your body!

The Beyond Personal Plan:

Our Beyond Personal Training plan is a progressive, effective program put together to help our clients see results through overall lifestyle changes.  In addition to supervising your workouts, your personal trainer provides accountability and gives you the individual support you need to make meaningful change. 

The advantage of our holistic approach is that personal touch to meet your needs. This supportive environment helps our clients maintain their progress after they’ve reached their fitness goals. In addition to the strength training and conditioning sessions, our talented Las Vegas fitness trainers will work closely with you to improve your diet and mindset as well.

Personal Trainers You Can Count On: 

Your overall wellness is important to your Circuit Fitness trainer! Other personal trainers in Las Vegas just see a body – not necessarily the whole person. Finding the best Personal Training in Las Vegas has never been easier, just make sure you choose Circuit Fitness LV. 

Other Las Vegas personal trainers can’t come close to what we offer here at Circuit Fitness LV! 

Let us help you reach your fitness goals and make the lifestyle change you need to be successful. Talk to one of our Las Vegas Personal Trainers to find out more about our fitness community.  We’re happy to answer any questions you have!


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