1. What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a technique that involves doing a series of exercises, both strength and cardio based, one after the other with little to no rests in between. Benefits of circuit training include an elevated heart rate, allowing you to get a dual strength and cardio workout in one. With the flexibility that comes with exercise rotation, circuit training helps you to avoid plateaus. And its fun! This fast-paced technique keeps you moving and exercise variations keep you interested.

2. What if I have never weight trained before?

No Problem! All of our memberships include a Training Passport where a member of our staff walks you through each circuit, assists you in selecting weight, adjusting machinery, and performing each exercise with proper form. 

3. What are the membership costs? 

We offer a variety of membership options with a range of price points. Part of our mission was to create a gym where everyone could afford premium fitness training. We encourage you to stop by our location for a private tour and we can help you select the membership that would work best for your budget and fitness goals. 

4. Does Circuit Fitness offer classes?

Circuit Fitness is The Gym That Trains You. With pre-programmed workouts and time management, essentially our whole facility is a class! But unlike a class, you are not restricted to a class schedule. You are able to workout when it’s convenient for you.

For those members who need an additional level of accountability and motivation, we do offer personal and partner training sessions with a Personal Trainer.

5. If another Covid-19 shutdown occurs, will I still be charged a monthly membership fee?

No way! If another lockdown were to be implemented and you would no longer have access to the facility, your account will be frozen. This applies to all memberships, even prepaids. Online workouts will be available for purchase, but it is up to you if you choose to participate in that program.

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