About Us

Circuit Fitness is a luxury boutique gym in the Spring Valley neighborhood in Las Vegas, NV.  

Founded in 2016 by Stringfellow Swan and Sarah Martinez, Circuit Fitness provides a clean, safe circuit-based training concept toward fitness. The focus at this gym is the individual fitness journey and helping our members make the lifestyle changes necessary to see – and keep – results.

The training floor includes both weight machines and cardio equipment like the Peloton subscription included for all members.  Amenities for all members include spa showers, keyless lockers, cooling towels, a 5-day training guide, and a new circuit every other week (to keep your mind from getting bored and your body challenged!). 

Members who would like a more personalized gym experience can add-on personal training sessions or increase their membership Tier to add nutritional and supplement plans, regular personal training sessions each week, and/or an accountability program. No big-box gym can provide the same friendly, personal experience available at Circuit Fitness.

See for yourself! Come visit us and ask for a tour.

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