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What Is Gym Anxiety & How Do You Overcome It?

Do you fear going to the gym?  Does it make you feel anxious or uncomfortable? Are you afraid to be yourself or feel intimidated by the other people at the gym? Do you wish you could overcome this anxiety so you can maximize your results at the gym and achieve your goals? If this sounds like you, […]

6 Myths About Weight Loss

If losing weight were easy, we wouldn’t need any assistance or guidance from personal trainers with it.  We wouldn’t be stressing over it, we wouldn’t be struggling with it, and it would happen with minimum effort. Unfortunately, weight loss is easier said than done and takes an immense amount of effort.  Despite how hard it can be […]

Best Spotify Workout Playlists to Listen to During Your Workout

Can you imagine a trip to the gym without your headphones?  Don’t worry, we can’t either. In fact, this is something most workout enthusiasts share in common and there’s a world of research out there that backs it up. It can easily turn any good workout into a great workout. There’s just something about music […]

The Keto Diet: Pros and Cons

Chances are that you’ve already heard of the Keto diet.  Its biggest claim to fame after rapid weight loss, is that it’s said to help get hunger under control. This sounds great, but before you give it a try, it’s important to know what it involves, how it works, and what research says about it.  […]

The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health in 2021

Most people are well acquainted with the physical benefits of exercise like weight control, reducing the risk of diabetes, and building muscle tone – just to name a few. But what about the benefits of exercise for mental health? The mind and body are closely connected, so it makes sense that when you take care […]